Reblog if they changed your life

I dont think anyone can realize how much The creatures have changed my life, even saved it. The Creatures are to best thing Known to man ( Besides internet). I love The Creatures, and everything they do. Just uploading Random videos, can change someones life. Thanks Creatures.

Id say that these dumbs dern sure have changed my life. We are a bunch of complete weirdos




In honor of me getting a blue tongue skink in a couple weeks I’m doing a lizard themed giveaway


  • Winner gets all of these lovely lizards
  • You DON’Thave to follow me but its appreciated 
  • Have your ask box open come on guys
  • The Helioptile is equipped with a sun stone free of charge
  • ONE LIKE AND ONE REBLOG Two entries per person I will check for side blogs/giveaway blogs
  • All pokemon are nicknameable except Helioptile courtesy of redhonedge
  • Giveaway ends on Saturday, July 19th
  • The winner will be announced sometime that day
  • If this gets over 100 notes I’ll throw in another shiny pokemon that the winner will also receive, but it’ll be a surprise (Hint: It’s a snake)

Good luck !  



Team Magma / Team Aqua Combo Giveaway!

Since they had fewer Pokemon than the other teams, I decided to combine these two teams (they’re in the same game anyways).


Grunt Team Magma

Numel, Baltoy, Poochyena

Boss Team Magma

Mightyena, Camrupt, Crobat

Grunt Team Aqua

Carvahna, Wailmer, Poochyena

Boss Team Aqua

Mightyena, Sharpedo, Crobat

There will be two winners! One will recieve Magma and Aqua Grunt teams, the other will recieve the Magma and Aqua Boss teams.


1 reblog = 1 entry

Likes don’t count as an entry

Ask box must be open! If your URL is drawn but your ask box is not open, I’ll move on to the next winner!

To be recieved on Pokemon X and Y

I will message the winners after their names are drawn. You must respond to this message within 24 hours to get your shinies.

Any longer than 24 hours and I’ll redraw for your spot and you WILL NOT get any shinies.

Sorry this took so long! The next team giveaways are already done besides taking the pictures, so hopefully I’ll be able to get them out once a week after this.

Giveaway ends May 25th, 10PM Pacifc time!!



I finally hit 200 followers! So I thought it’s time for a giveaway~

I’ll be drawing bird icons of any character you want!


  1. You don’t have to be following me to enter
  2. One like and one reblog only please!
  3. If you are chosen as the winner, please have your ask box open so I can know which bird icon you would like! Also, please have your submission box open too so I can send you the icons once I’ve made them!
  4. If the winner does not respond within at least 1 day after the giveaway ends, I will chose another winner
  5. I will be using a random number generator to determine the winners
  6. Please no giveaway blogs (I will be checking)

I will announce three winners by the end of this giveaway and here’s how it’s gonna work:

  • 1st place winner will be able to get 3 bird icons
  • 2nd place will get 2 bird icons
  • 3rd place will get 1 bird icon

The winners will also have the option of having the icons transparent

The giveaway ends on June 2nd 12 a.m. EST!

So until then, good luck! And thank you so much everyone, love you all!!!